4 Main Reasons Why You Should Consider Renting A Storage Unit

It's no hidden secret that Americans love to accumulate stuff in their homes. Research shows an average American home has around 300,000 items, and children living in America own about 40% of the toys used globally. This explains why most homeowners today are looking to rent storage units for their personal storage needs. Read on to learn why you should also consider renting a storage unit. To Open up Space at Home

Acceptable Food Items And Containers To Keep In A Self-Storage Facility

For various reasons, people might want to pack food in a self-storage unit. First, they must learn the rules regarding which containers are acceptable and other considerations. Generally, storage facilities only allow clients to keep non-perishable products and beverages in sealed containers of an appropriate material. This essentially means that only glass or metal containers can be used. Metal Cans A broad range of foods are available in metal cans and can be kept in self-storage facilities.

Benefits Of Climate-Controlled Storage Units

When looking at possible storage options, a climate-controlled unit should be at the top of your list. These units provide many benefits compared to other storage spaces. Moisture Moisture is one of the greatest risks when you are storing items for a long period. Moisture can seep into a unit via water leaks, such as through a leaking roof or underneath the door if the unit is outside-accessible. Leaks and flooding of the unit will destroy electronics and paperwork, as well as cause permanent warping and damage to upholstered and wood furniture.