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Acceptable Food Items And Containers To Keep In A Self-Storage Facility

For various reasons, people might want to pack food in a self-storage unit. First, they must learn the rules regarding which containers are acceptable and other considerations. Generally, storage facilities only allow clients to keep non-perishable products and beverages in sealed containers of an appropriate material. This essentially means that only glass or metal containers can be used.

Metal Cans

A broad range of foods are available in metal cans and can be kept in self-storage facilities. Just a few examples include vegetables, fruit, soup, and pasta meals. Beverages like soda and juice in metal cans also are acceptable. 

Glass Containers

Any foods and beverages in glass that do not require refrigeration before opening are allowed. Salad dressing, jam, gravy, and specialty condiments are a few examples. Some beverages bottled in glass must be refrigerated even though they haven't been opened yet. Milk is an obvious example, and some fruit juices also fit in this category.

No Refrigeration

A limited number of storage facilities have one or more electric outlets in larger units. However, customers cannot keep a refrigerator plugged in. Outlets are generally intended for customers to temporarily plug in a device while they are inside, such as a lamp to help them better see the storage unit. 

Keeping Mice Out

People might want to buy products like cereal, dry pasta, and rice and bring them from the store to the storage unit. However, food contained in cardboard is not allowed, even if there is a separate sealed bag inside. Bagged kibble for pets also is prohibited. These products are attractive to mice that can fit through tiny holes and cracks in building foundations. If a mouse gets inside, it can easily gnaw through cardboard and plastic or paper bagging. 

The same is true for storing food in plastic totes unless it is sealed in glass or metal. Someone who has never seen the damage small rodents can cause to hard plastic is startled when they view the destruction. 

Storage facility owners do everything they can to stop mice from getting in. The best action is to never store anything in the units that those animals might be able to smell and reach.


Before renting a storage unit, it's imperative to thoroughly read instructions about prohibited items. If you are unsure about a certain type of food or container it's kept in, you should contact a storage facility near you, such as Lockaway Self Storage