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6 Ways To Stay Sane During A Home Remodel

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Majorly renovating and remodeling your home can be exciting, since soon you will be closer to having the home of your dreams. But home renovations can also bring a lot of chaos and stress, turning your once tranquil home into a crazy construction zone. Luckily, there are things you can do to keep things feeling orderly and calm even during the most drastic home renovations. Here are six ways to stay organized during a home remodel: Rent a Storage Unit Rather than try to move the furniture and other belongings from the area of your home that’s being renovated into a different part of the house, rent a small self storage unit. This will keep your belongings safely and neatly stashed out of your way until the renovations are complete. It will also keep the parts of your home that aren’t being renovated from becoming crowded and unorganized. This way at least part of your home will still be completely livable and calm during the renovations. Visit local storage companies or go to sites to research the options in your area.  Create a Command Center Find an area that is adjacent to where the renovations will take place to serve as a command center. Ideally, there will be a table and chairs or at least a small desk. This is where you will keep your calendar and notebook with all notes, receipts, etc. relating to the renovation. It can be the place where you check in with your contractors to ask questions and discuss decisions. Having one central location where these things happen will help keep your home from feeling so chaotic. Some items to keep on hand in your renovation command center include paper and pens, paint, tile, or fabric samples, photos of the remodeling goals, and a list of important phone numbers (contractors, plumbers, your favorite home improvement store, etc.). Find a Quiet Space Every Day Living with the chaos and noise of renovations day in and day out can be maddening. Some people choose to find temporary housing or go on a vacation during renovations, but if you’ve decided to stay on-site, you still deserve and need a bit of quiet each day. You may want to designate a room of the house (preferably far from the renovations) as your quiet zone, or even ask a friend or relative if you can have access to a quiet room in their home for a little while each evening. Buy a pair of noise-canceling headphones, and just spend some time relaxing, meditating, stretching, or simply relaxing with a book or good TV show. Having little “sanity breaks” will keep you feeling centered. Set Clear Deadlines In order to avoid misunderstandings and prevent the renovation from dragging on for much longer than you want it to, it’s important to set clear deadlines from the outset. These deadlines can be broken down by project milestones: for example, maybe the new kitchen counters are to be installed by a specific date, and the kitchen backsplash by the following day. These deadlines should be agreed to and put down in writing. This is an important step whether you are hiring contractors to complete the entire project or doing some of the work yourself. Delays may happen, but if you have a schedule clearly...

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Protect Your Child’s Investment: Tips For Storing And Preserving Comic Books And Dolls

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Kids have a knack for amassing huge collections of their favorite toys, games and other items – from comics to coins or seashells and antique dolls. If your child is getting older and not as interested in their collection, you might considering storing the items to retain their value, or give to your future grandchildren. Here are a few tips to help you store and preserve two popular childhood obsessions: comic books and dolls: Storing and Preserving Comic Books According to Comic Vine, there are several factors that affect a comic book’s value. A comic must be rare, sought after by collectors and most importantly, in very good condition. Luckily, it doesn’t take too much effort to help retain the value of your child’s comic book collection. Here are a few tips to help ensure you’re storing comic books correctly: Bags and Boards – It is important that all of your comics are each stored with comic book boards and inside bags. The boards are placed on the back of each comic book and they provide support. Then, you simply slip each of the comics inside a bag. If you can afford it, choose acid-free boards and either Mylar or anti-scratch polyethylene bags. These products will help prevent the yellowing that will devalue the comics. The Ideal Boxes – Cardboard comic book boxes are the best option because they are designed to store your collection for several years. Typically, these boxes are available in two sizes: short boxes and long boxes. If your collection is modest, short boxes are your best bet. Creative Storage Solutions – If you can’t locate comic storage boxes, there are other options available. There are comic binders that allow you to store multiple comics in a smaller area. Plastic storage bins or even file cabinets are also great options. The Best Environment For the Comics – All the preparation in the world won’t protect your comics if the boxes or bins aren’t stored in the right environment. Ideally, your comics should be stored somewhere that is cool, dry and dark. Attics, basements and your bedroom closet aren’t the best options. Instead, consider renting a temperature-controlled storage unit. Additionally, if your kids have a newspaper or magazine collection, storing each individually in plastic bags in a temperature-controlled environment is the best option. Storing and Preserving Dolls Antique dolls that are improperly stored will show severe signs of wear and tear, including discoloration and even insect damage. If your little one has a doll collection that could be worth big money someday, it is vital to store it correctly. Begin by cleaning the doll with a mixture of warm water and fragrance and dye-free dish soap. If the doll is plastic, go ahead and clean any of the skin with the mixture and a rag. If the doll is manufactured from bisque, an unglazed porcelain, make sure to slip on a pair of rubber gloves. The oils on your skin can actually discolor this fragile material.  For the doll’s clothing, spot clean it with the mixture of soap and water. Allow the doll and clothing to air dry completely. Next, wrap all the dolls individually in acid-free paper. Store the dolls inside cardboard or archival boxes, rather than inside plastic bags or plastic totes. If the...

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4 Things That Must Be In A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

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If you’re in need of extra storage space, a rented unit provides many advantages. But before you begin calling local facilities for quotes, it’s important to know whether or not you should invest in a climate-controlled unit. These are units that maintain a relatively constant temperature and humidity level all year long, and it could mean the difference between protecting your belongings long term or damaging them for good. If you’re totally confused about what to do, here are four things that absolutely need climate-controlled self storage. Collectibles If you’re tucking away things that are considered collectibles, it’s best to go ahead and make the investment in a climate-controlled storage unit. Here are some examples and why it’s so important to control their environment.  Stamps. Humidity and heat can cause the corners of the stamps to curl up and lose their “stickiness,” ultimately causing them to lose value. Coins. Variations in temperature, particularly exposure to extremes, can expedite the oxidation process, causing the metal surface to look spotty and brown. Copper coins are especially vulnerable to humid environments and should be kept in areas that have less than 35% humidity.  Comic Books. Keeping your comics in plastic bags can help, but even comic expert Trevor Van As recommends keeping them away from any place they might be exposed to high temperatures and humidity. This can protect the paper from warping and other damage. Dolls. Whether your collection is made of plastic or paper mache, it’s best to avoid extremes with these precious possessions as well. When the temperatures plummet, your doll can suffer from cracking, and when they skyrocket, you might notice warping and degradation of the plastic parts.  Photos. Most people are aware of what can happen when a photo gets wet. But if the temperatures get too high, you’re dealing with another issue altogether, as the color in the pictures can fade. It’s generally recommended to store photographs in cooler temperatures between 50 and 75 degrees F to really make them last.  Antiques or Other Wooden Furniture Extra care needs to be taken with any wooden items you store, but furniture and antiques are particularly vulnerable due to their replacement cost and overall value. There are two particular threats to your wooden belongings when it comes to self storage: Extreme changes in temperature cause the wood to expand and contract, resulting in cracking and warping. Because wood is porous, high levels of humidity—if not addressed quickly enough—could lead to the growth of mold and mildew, eventually rotting your valuables.  Appliances and Electronics Appliances and other electronics are a biggie that often get overlooked when it comes to storage. Because they are made up of electronic and mechanical parts, they need to be kept in an environment that’s stable and dry, otherwise you might be dealing with parts that rust and crack over time. What’s worse is you may not know the damage is done until you plug it in, only to discover that the appliance longer works.  Musical Instruments For the same reasons those wooden and metal items need proper shelter, your instruments must have the same care. But take a look at a few specific examples to see why it’s so important. The Piano. Humidity is likely the worst enemy of this percussion instrument. Pianos have...

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Dealing With Downsizing: How To Make Your Storage Unit Easily Accessible To Your Teen

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Moving is tough on everyone in the family but because of the importance teens typically put on their social status among peers, they are more susceptible to psychological, emotional, and social turmoil throughout the process of a move than adults or younger children tend to be. Add to that the fact that you are downsizing and will be using a storage unit to house some of the family’s personal belongings while you settle, and you can expect your teen to need some support during and after your move. In addition to talking about the move early, hosting a goodbye party for your teen and their friends, and making it possible to forge new friends in the new neighborhood before the actual move, there are a few things you can do to make accessing their belongings in your storage unit convenient so they don’t feel like they’re sacrificing ownership of their belongings while you get settled. Consider these options: Assign Corners A great way to make it easy on everyone in the family to access their own personal belongings in your storage unit is to assign corners to a different person or pair of people if necessary. Giving your teen their own corner to store things allows them to organize everything how they prefer and makes it easier to find specific things when they are needed or wanted. This will also give your teen the responsibility of taking care of their belongings, as well as ensure that your stuff doesn’t have to be rummaged through when they’re looking for something. Keep in mind that when using this method, you’ll need to rent a storage unit big enough that you can keep the center of it clear for access to each corner while still being able to accommodate all of your family’s belongings. Color Code the Boxes One your teen has a place to separate their personal belongings from everyone else’s, give them a few colored rolls of masking tape to color code their boxes to coincide with what’s inside of them. For example, blue could be used for clothing while red is used for video games and DVDs. Color coded boxes makes picking things up quick and easy because your teen will simply have to look for a color to decide which boxes probably hold what they’re in need of. Supply Utility Shelves To keep boxes from cluttering the floor and to make access to personal belongings even easier, put utility shelving along the walls to stack stuff on. This will give your teen a place to put packed boxes as well as store items that they don’t necessarily want to store inside a dark box before taking it home. Trophies, shoes, accessories like sunglasses, and even clothing can all be stored on utility shelves without the need for boxes or bags. Schedule Regular Visits To minimize nagging about visiting the storage unit to pick up things as your teen realizes they need them while ensuring regular access, put together a visitation schedule on a calendar that can be hung in your home for frequent reference. Schedule a couple weeks’ worth of storage visitation at a time, and ensure that your teen understand they need to plan their pick ups and drop offs around those dates. This may cause some...

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