Having a Storage Unit Makes Having a Home-based Business Easier

2 Things To Get To Enjoy A Positive Experience With Renting A Storage Unit

Once you have exhausted all the storage space in your home, you may know that it is time to rent a storage unit. Although you can dive into the process of renting one and start putting items away in less than a day, you should invest in preparation to have the greatest experience.

While a large portion of your ability to have a positive experience has to do with the storage facility that you pick, you should also put time and effort into preparing to store your items.

Furniture Covers

If you intend on bringing any furniture into the storage unit, you may be debating whether you want to disassemble each piece to minimize how much space they take up. When you know that you are not going to disassemble a furniture piece, you should invest in a furniture cover.

Covering the furniture piece will prevent dirt and dust from dirtying wood or staining fabric. It will also reduce the impact that your furniture sustains when colliding with other items.

When you decide to disassemble furniture, you may need to get creative to protect the individual pieces. For instance, you can wrap all the legs for a desk or table in a thick trash bag. Then, you can tie the top off to prevent any dust from getting inside while the furniture sits in storage. To store chair or sofa cushions, you may be able to find individual covers or you can use old sheets.

Shelving Units

Stacking boxes and items on the floor of a storage unit will inevitably lead to dirt buildup. So, to avoid this problem, all you must do is invest in shelving units that you line up along the walls. This will allow you to keep everything off the floor, which will naturally keep your items cleaner.

If you know that you have a lot of items to store, you may want to wait until you find a storage unit that you intend on renting because then you can find out the height of the unit. This will make it easy to go shopping for shelving units where you can stack boxes to the ceiling. It may even save you money by being able to rent a smaller unit than you were planning to originally.

Taking your time with renting a storage unit and preparing to use it will help you have a positive experience from the moment you put your possessions inside. Contact a facility, like Stadium Storage, for more help.