Having a Storage Unit Makes Having a Home-based Business Easier

3 Tips For Protecting Your Belongings In A Storage Unit

A storage unit can be a real lifesaver whether you need to use it for a month or for the long term. To get the best use from the space, you want to keep it organized so you can always find what you need. Organization also helps you cram more stuff into a smaller space so you can rent a smaller unit. Here are some more helpful tips for using a storage unit.

Make Sure Your Belongings Are Dry

Don't put wet things in your storage unit. Since the unit is closed and there is no air circulation, wet items take a long time to dry out. They can grow mold and become ruined. You may go back to the unit and find out you have to throw things away because of the mold. You may want to avoid moving things into the unit on a rainy day so everything will stay dry. Also, check items when you pack them to make sure they're dry and they don't contain water that could spill out and create dampness in the space.

Protect Your Clothing From Odors And Damage

If you're going to store seasonal clothing, consider hanging your clothing on a portable clothes rack. This allows for plenty of air circulation around your clothes and keeps them from getting wrinkled or crushed. Your clothes will be ready to wear when you take them from the storage unit. You can just transfer the hangers to your closet without worrying about wrinkles or damage from being flattened or crushed for months. However, you'll want to consider what all you're going to store in the unit too so the clothes don't pick up odors.

If you'll store tools with strong oil odors or old furniture that smells musty, you may want to seal your clothes in plastic bins to keep them from picking up bad odors. An alternative might be to hang the clothes in a wardrobe box that you can seal to keep the clothes inside smelling fresh. Another way to help your clothes smell fresher after being in storage is to rent a climate controlled unit so mildew and musty odors are kept under control.

Use Bins That Seal Tight

Although rubber and plastic bins cost more than cardboard boxes and trash bags, they do a better job of protecting your belongings. As an added bonus, they stack easier than boxes. Consider using the bins for things that attract pests, such as paper and fabrics. Plastic bins are also waterproof so your things will be protected in case a water main breaks or there is a flood. You can buy bins in all sizes with lids that seal. You can even buy plastic or metal garbage bins with lids to seal large items or things with unusual shapes. Sealing your belongings protects them from water, insects, rodents, and odors. Plus, the bins have handles that make it much easier to move your things around.