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Protect Your Child's Investment: Tips For Storing And Preserving Comic Books And Dolls

Kids have a knack for amassing huge collections of their favorite toys, games and other items – from comics to coins or seashells and antique dolls. If your child is getting older and not as interested in their collection, you might considering storing the items to retain their value, or give to your future grandchildren. Here are a few tips to help you store and preserve two popular childhood obsessions: comic books and dolls:

Storing and Preserving Comic Books

According to Comic Vine, there are several factors that affect a comic book's value. A comic must be rare, sought after by collectors and most importantly, in very good condition. Luckily, it doesn't take too much effort to help retain the value of your child's comic book collection.

Here are a few tips to help ensure you're storing comic books correctly:

  • Bags and Boards – It is important that all of your comics are each stored with comic book boards and inside bags. The boards are placed on the back of each comic book and they provide support. Then, you simply slip each of the comics inside a bag. If you can afford it, choose acid-free boards and either Mylar or anti-scratch polyethylene bags. These products will help prevent the yellowing that will devalue the comics.
  • The Ideal Boxes – Cardboard comic book boxes are the best option because they are designed to store your collection for several years. Typically, these boxes are available in two sizes: short boxes and long boxes. If your collection is modest, short boxes are your best bet.
  • Creative Storage Solutions – If you can't locate comic storage boxes, there are other options available. There are comic binders that allow you to store multiple comics in a smaller area. Plastic storage bins or even file cabinets are also great options.
  • The Best Environment For the Comics – All the preparation in the world won't protect your comics if the boxes or bins aren't stored in the right environment. Ideally, your comics should be stored somewhere that is cool, dry and dark. Attics, basements and your bedroom closet aren't the best options. Instead, consider renting a temperature-controlled storage unit.

Additionally, if your kids have a newspaper or magazine collection, storing each individually in plastic bags in a temperature-controlled environment is the best option.

Storing and Preserving Dolls

Antique dolls that are improperly stored will show severe signs of wear and tear, including discoloration and even insect damage. If your little one has a doll collection that could be worth big money someday, it is vital to store it correctly.

Begin by cleaning the doll with a mixture of warm water and fragrance and dye-free dish soap. If the doll is plastic, go ahead and clean any of the skin with the mixture and a rag. If the doll is manufactured from bisque, an unglazed porcelain, make sure to slip on a pair of rubber gloves. The oils on your skin can actually discolor this fragile material.  For the doll's clothing, spot clean it with the mixture of soap and water. Allow the doll and clothing to air dry completely.

Next, wrap all the dolls individually in acid-free paper. Store the dolls inside cardboard or archival boxes, rather than inside plastic bags or plastic totes. If the dolls aren't allowed to breathe it can lead to mold formation.

The ideal environment for your dolls is similar to comic books: a cool, dry place. Keep your dolls away from direct sunlight, as well. Once again, a temperature-controlled storage unit is the ideal environment for your children's dolls.

Whether your kids love super heroes or baby dolls, maintaining the appearance and value of your child's collection is important. In both cases, it is important to store the items in the ideal environment, such as a temperature-controlled storage unit at a facility like Sentry Mini-Storage Inc.